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Dear Common Sense community,
Amid the COVID-19 anxiety, school shutdowns, work-from-home directives, and more, we at Common Sense have resources to help families and schools navigate this unpredictable time. As a parent and a teacher myself, I know it can feel overwhelming for families and teachers to adjust their plans on the fly.
Helping our communities choose media and tech that can keep kids engaged, entertained, and learning is core to our organizational mission. Whether you have kids at home or you need to develop plans to help kids learn outside the classroom, we think you'll find something useful below.
Media recommendations for entertainment
Hand-picked, age-appropriate media suggestions to keep the whole family engaged.
Resources for at-home learning
Tools to help parents and caregivers keep kids focused and learning at home.
Stress-management resources
You can always visit commonsensemedia.org or commonsense.org/education for more resources and support.
Take care,
Jim Steyer
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