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Transition services is added to your child's IEP when they are 14 years old.  These services are plans to help prepare your child for after graduation.  New Horizon School helps to prepare students when they leave New Horizon School.
Check out our programs:
Students Ages 14-17 will participate in the following:
CAT Lab - Career Activities Training.  This program is a pre-vocational program that teaches students how to do a job.  In this program students work on sorting, packaging, assembly skills, clerical, and folding tasks.
PAES Lab - Practical Assessment Exploration System.  This program offers 220+ jobs for our students.  THere are five category areas that students have the chance to explore.  This program not only offers real life job skills but also has a built in curriculum to help students learn jobs as well.
In School Work Program:  In this program students get an opportunity to work in landscaping, materials handling, culinary, and also work on soft skills.
Students Ages 18+ will participate in the following:
Once students turn 18, the focus is working in the community.  With the help of our transition coordinator, students will have an opportunity to volunteer in the community.