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Here at New Horizon School we offer a variety of therapies and related services: 
-Speech Therapy
-Physical Therapy
-Occupational Therapy
-Vision Therapy/O+M
-Hearing Support 
Physical Therapy
Our physical therapist is on site full-time.  In physical therapy we also have one full time paraprofessional that assists the physical therapist.  Physical Therapy treatment focuses on improving gross motor skills, balance, coordination, strength and endurance.  Gross motor skills include ball skills like catching, throwing or kicking a ball, jumping skills, bike skills, etc.
We are excited to announce the addition of a Quadriciser this school year!  The Quadriciser is a device that helps individuals with disabilities to move all four limbs simultaneously in a natural motion with high repetitions that help reconnect nerve pathways in the brain.
Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy provides goal-directed activities for students to develop the fine motor, cognitive and help-self abilities necessary for educational performance and for independent living skills.  Individual goal plans may include handwriting or key boarding skills, cutting skills, managing clothing fasteners and shoelaces or dressing and feeding skills.  Students participate in activities involving sensory, sensory motor, fine motor, visual perception and visual motor integration.
Speech Therapy
Speech and Language Therapy is provided for students who have expressive and/or receptive language needs.  Expressive language focuses on speech production (articulation), volume, syntax, and grammar skills.  Receptive language is the ability to understand information presented to the student.  Skills involved in this area are vocabulary development, following directions, pragmatics and appropriately reacting to information received.  Other skills include comprehension of the material, social skills, understanding concepts, reasoning and problem solving skills.  Augmentative and Alternative Communication strategies and voice output devices are also part of the Speech Program.