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Attendance Policy durng COVID-19

  • Students attending New Horizon for face-to-face instruction will be considered absent if they do not arrive at the school at any point during the day.  They will be marked tardy if they arrive after 9:00 a.m.
  • Face-to-face students are permitted to attend virtually on days they cannot attend face-to-face.  They will not be marked as "absent" as long as they follow the same criteria as virtual students (read below). 
  • A virtual learner will not be considered tardy if the tardiness was due to technical issues (i.e., internet or device). 
          • Please contact your child's teacher if technology issues or behavior issues are affecting your child's participation/attendance. 
  • A virtual learner (full-time or hybrid) will be considered “absent” if:
  •        he/she does not “check-in” by 9:00 a.m, or
  •        he/she does not attend a small group/1:1, large group, or lunch-time/social group, or 
  •        he/she does not complete all of the assignments by midnight on the day they were assigned